How to Create a Vision Board to Inspire

 vb feature pic

The practice of creating a vision board, aka dream board, helps a person to narrow down their dreams and specify how to achieve them in a visual format.

You wish for a better life? On your vision board you will elaborate on how you will achieve that better life. You create these masterpieces, display them on your wall, and they effectively serve as a daily reminder as you gaze upon it consistently, helping you to focus on the HOW you will reach your goals.

I have successfully created, and hung up, my vision board for 2018.  Well, to be truthful, I have so much vision that I created two boards. One for relationship, financial, and spiritual goals, and the other focusing on travel and adventure.  My sister, niece and I worked together on these, with each other’s input, over a few glasses of wine. Okay… bottles of wine.  Whatever gets the creative juices flowing, huh? It was quite the bonding experience as we each discussed what motivates us and what we wish to have present in our lives. I have read that it is best to do this in a nice quiet place when you start brainstorming so that you can be alone with your thoughts; however, I find that doing some of this with friends who can remind you of things you may have forgotten can help with the process as well. Do both if you can!!

Some steps I took to help me create my awesome vision board:

  1. Make a list of things you accomplished in the last year. (For me it was visit Italy, leave my old job, improve on relationships, and more)
  2. List ways you can improve your life in various sections such as personal development, environment, financial, social, family, faith, and more. Be specific. Instead of saying, “make more money” say, “work hard for the promotion you have been waiting for. Or, instead of, “make new friends.”, Say “Join a social sports league and make new friends.”vb cut it out
  3. Create your bucket list. What things do you want to do before you die? Mine consists of camping trips around the U.S. in our R.V., traveling to Santorini, Bora Bora, and a road trip up the 101 from San Diego to Northern California. Starting a job that I love and feel serves others. And, of course, WRITING. Look at this list and determine your HOW.vb lay it out
  4. Look online for photos you can print or get a bunch of magazines and cut out words and photos that inspire you to be a better you. Pinterest rocks for motivation and ideas on what you can use on your board. Cut them out and place them on the board to see where the best placement is before you start gluing or pinning. You will be glad that you did.
  5. vb glue itFind your medium for your board. Do you want this on a cork board, poster boards? (I used 2 poster boards and glued everything on them.) Cork board and push pins can make it easy to modify your board at any time. On poster boards, you can put gold star stickers on things you have accomplished to remind you that goals are attainable. IT IS POSSIBLE!
  6. Post the board up somewhere where you will see it every day. This is very important. Make it eye-catching with twinkle lights, glitter, etc. (see mine below-twinkle lights to follow!)

vb finished

Some people don’t try anything if they aren’t sure they will succeed, but successful people perform the activities unsuccessful people are too afraid to try. GO FOR IT! Put those positive affirmations you have saved up on a pinterest board somewhere in visible site to offer inspiration even when you are off our electronic devices.

What goals do you have? What places do you want to see? What adventures await you? If you can SEE these things daily, rather than remember every now and again that, “oh yeah! I want to see Bora Bora one day.”, you are more likely to succeed at accomplishing your dreams.

I wish to give credit to one site that has great instructions for creating your vision board, not to mention a fantastic blog both in information and beauty/layout.  Morning Coffee with Dee . This dream maker provides a step by step guide on how to create a great vision board. I highly recommend her site to anyone who wishes to remind themselves what they are trying to obtain from life. She has printables and ideas that streamline the process. Her site was pivotal in producing my board.