I’m Still Here…don’t leave just yet

I’ve been away a long time and am very sorry the delay. I’m still here!

We traveled to Seattle early December and had a magical time when it began snowing in Leavenworth during their Christmas celebrations! Then at the end of the month we went camping here in San Diego County. In between these events, I was helping my hubby and daughter get over the flu and then I manged to catch it as well. This flu has been an especially tough one. It lingers and lingers. I’m also completing my classes for my next exciting venture. 

I don’t want everyone to think I’ve given up on writing. I’m relearning to focus since I’ve got so much to say (It’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I will upload something soon. I have a notebook full of sentences that need to rerouted into coherent paragraphs. Please stand by…

Until then, I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

sea tac
We stayed here early December. Our Airbnb in Sea Tac, WA. A Lake House!!
sangee lakes
Camping in my hometown of Santee, Ca for NYE.  

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